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Europe restructures and the UK rejoins. Could it happen?
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Could the EU possibly reform and restructure itself to the point where Britain would vote to rejoin? The idea isn’t as far-fetched as it may currently sound, and was discussed in the Financial Times recently. 

Most people would agree that the EU currently has some serious problems. Monetary union is not working well, immigration and freedom of movement policies are muddled and ineffective and the UK is about to leave. 

Add to that Poland’s decision to veto a resolution as a protest against Donald Tusk, and a vociferous chorus in France and Italy calling for an exit...

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The Impact of Immigration Quotas in Switzerland
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The line of difference between Switzerland and EU has been broadening every day since anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) voters compromised the free cross-border agreement movement in a 2014 plebiscite. The deadline is fast approaching and a vivid consensus has not been reached to solve the bilateral agreement conflict. 
However, Switzerland’s lower house (Zurich) of parliament has suggested that businessmen should be allowed to hire foreigners on free will to reduce the highly increasing unemployment, especially among citizens. But this has been referred to as...

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