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Benefits of Big Data analysis in Banking and Finance
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Banking and financing enterprises are using big data technology in their daily operations, including service delivery and security. Big data analysis helps the company to cope with the rising competition in the banking industry, and in solving the problems they encounter, when trying to achieve the objectives of the firm. There are several sectors where investment and financing businesses are benefiting from significant data analysis.


Customer service

Banking firms have a vast number of clients, and they should ensure that customers' data and security are well taken...

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4 Responsibilities and Requirements for CFOs
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The responsibilities and requirements for CFOs vary slightly from one organisation to another. Despite this, there are several core competencies that any individual must possess in order to bring value to this role.


Excellent Communication 

An MBA increases your chances of taking the title of CFO, but it is not the only thing that matters. In addition to the technical competencies gained through an economics or accounting degree, good people skills are essential. Communicating with people on your team in order to develop and empower them is critical.

A great CFO listens to...

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4 top skills CFOs must adopt in the digital age
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Digital revolution is now changing the way business organisations operate. Thanks to data technology, existing business models and services are quickly rendering. As a result, many top companies including automotive, telecommunication, and media are being reshaped in order to give rivals a competitive advantage. Here are some of the essential skills CFOs must have to stay ahead in the digital age:


CFOs must become analytics experts

A CFO should only spend 10 per cent of their time and efforts on transactional and the remaining 90 per cent on analytics. The more time they invest on...

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