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Unexpected, risky shortcomings of third-party payment processors
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Third-party payment processors are extremely useful for small business owners, especially those who operate on-line. This kind of service allows managers to circumvent having a dedicated merchant account – a process that is both quite costly and time-consuming to set up. 

Working with a third-party payment processor allows a new business to immediately start accepting a wide range of payments, going all the way from checks, credit cards and e-wallets to crytocurrencies. 

While it’s undeniably a great option for many business owners, there is an obvious drawback: ...

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EU Calls For A Financial System That Excludes the US
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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called for the EU to come up with a new financial system from which the US would be left out. This comes after the Trump administration threatened to sanction European companies that do business with Iran. Mr. Maas made this confrontational proposal in an opinion section for the German business paper, Handelsblatt. He said that the US had crosses the red lines and that the Europeans must counterbalance. 

Mr. Mass also pointed out that it was vital for the European to strengthen its autonomy by creating an independent European Monetary Fund and...

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Global Monetary Policy Power Play
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International trade is taking shape with two equally powerful nations engaging in commercial arm-twisting. One side features The US, the world’s commercial hub, and China, the world’s industrial hub. A commercial arrangement comes with the price of money while industrialisation brings the balance of payment. In this case, America’s marginal advantage is the market and currency compared to China’s commodities of trade. However, president Trump's extensive trade tariffs have awakened the Chinese dragon. It seems, that the country is preparing for a different...

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