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Revolutionising SMEs with Fintech
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A portmanteau of financial technology, fintechs have addressed the wholly inadequate financial services that have been available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Currently, the United Kingdom is the fastest growing fintech region in the world, with it bringing £20bn to the economy each year. 

The latest Scottish Pacific SME growth index shows that between 2014 and 2018, the proportion of SMEs using banks for funding dropped to just 24% from 38% with the amount turning to fintech instead rising to 22% from 11%. 


Why Should SMEs use Fintechs? 


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Rapid popularity in Mobile Banking Apps
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Mobile banking is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more people prefer using their mobile phones for most of their banking needs. Studies show that banking apps have provided a critical interaction channel between consumers and financial institutions. Most consumers now prefer using their banking apps over visiting a bank physically. Others have even replaced their physical wallets with their mobile banking app; which is more convenient than carrying cash around. 

Over the past year, banks have seen an increase in the number of consumers frequently using mobile...

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