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4 Responsibilities and Requirements for CFOs
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The responsibilities and requirements for CFOs vary slightly from one organisation to another. Despite this, there are several core competencies that any individual must possess in order to bring value to this role.


Excellent Communication 

An MBA increases your chances of taking the title of CFO, but it is not the only thing that matters. In addition to the technical competencies gained through an economics or accounting degree, good people skills are essential. Communicating with people on your team in order to develop and empower them is critical.

A great CFO listens to...

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Finance Market Hopes on Higher Interest Rates by the ECB
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Up until now, there hasn't been any formal communication from the ECB as in regards to the anticipated rise in the interest rates. However, there are certain reports touching on the tightened financial conditions that seem to imply much wider credit spreads, increased volatility, decreased equities and an increase in real rates. All of which happen to be indicators of a rising interest rate environment.


How sure are we that interests rates are going higher?

In the past month alone, there has been a disconnect between the bond markets globally and the equity markets. What's...

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Banks relocating their headquarters after Brexit
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Some banks have already started choosing alternative headquarters after UK has left the European Union, with Frankfurt emerging as the preferred destination. Frankfurt appears to have taken an early lead over other cities such as Paris and Dublin. Nomura, a Japanese bank, is one of the banks to move their headquarters to Frankfurt. It is the largest brokerage firm in Japan. This comes even after Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority, which increased the chances of UK seeking a softer Brexit deal that would lead to a reduced impact on its financial services industry....

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