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The Increased Interest in Zero-Based Budgeting
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Zero-based budgeting is a detailed assessment of all expenses starting from a "zero base". Increasing in popularity it differs from traditional cost budgeting methods by not referring to previous period figures and by requiring managers to justify all expenditure, old and new. This style of budgeting is time-consuming, as all expenses must be analysed from scratch rather than given an incremental percentage increase or decrease depending on previous period analysis.


Pros and cons of Zero-based budgeting

One of the primary advantages of zero-based budgeting is the visibility...

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How Trump’s Unreasonable Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Could Trigger International Trade Wars
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Could President Trump’s “America First” policy be shaping itself as the unexpected trigger for an international trade war? That seems a likely scenario, considering his recent plan to impose very strict and (according to many) unreasonable tariffs on all steel and aluminum imports, starting on the 23rd of March 2018. 

Why Experts Believe the New Tariffs Will Hurt Everyone In the Industry

Finance ministers from all over the world have been struggling vigorously to get their own countries exempted from these financially damaging tariffs. The United States...

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Rising Interest Rates and Their Possible Impact on Enterprises
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Interest rates have a great significance in the performance of businesses, and how well they are likely to operate after start-up. As an entrepreneur, you need to be keen on interest rate trends to get an idea of when to borrow and when to hold a little bit longer. With rising interest rates, various impacts are likely to be felt on enterprises. 


Interference in Business Planning

A rise in interest rates has a significant impact on the profitability of a business. When banks charge higher interest rates on loans given to enterprises, small businesses with loans set at a fixed...

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Cryptocurrency and its associated risks
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Security experts are warning that cryptocurrency is just as vulnerable to hackers as any of your regular digital devices. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin and Ethereum are increasingly becoming popular. However, the fact that they are unregulated and highly volatile makes them prime targets for criminals to exploit.


Risks associated with Cryptocurrency

This hugely limits its use as a currency for performing transactions. The cryptocurrency market is rife with manipulation and it is unknown who owns virtual currencies. The huge price swings make the holders...

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Practical Advise
Tips for Effective Dunning
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Many businesses, especially those in the initial stages of establishment, suffer a lot due to debts owned by clients. An occasional phone call or email to ask the customers to settle the debts may not be of much significance. For the best practice in reaching out to your clients to pay up, you should consider the following factors. 


Be Friendly

The goal of dunning is not to threaten your clients to pay up, but instead, remind them that their bill is overdue. You still want to retain your customer, and as a result, you should portray professionalism in your communication. A...

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