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FINANCE study: FinTechs and banks – stronger together?
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How have the many new FinTechs proven themselves in the market after the financial crisis and what is the relationship between established banks and the new financial technology companies? FINANCE magazine, in collaboration with ING Bank and CMS, a tax and legal consulting firm, has carried out a study on this subject – with the result that a change in thinking seems to be in the offing. 

Many of the new financial technologies were once introduced to the market with the basic idea and intention of renewing the financial sector. FinTechs can often offer customers more...

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Taboo: Company succession
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According to Reinhard Mohn (1921-2009), who once led the medium-sized Bertelsmann company to the media group, "securing the succession is the greatest entrepreneurial achievement. Mohn's quote could be a summary of the "Financing Monitor 2019" study.

In cooperation with TU Darmstadt, Creditshelf surveyed 200 financial decision-makers from medium-sized companies in various industries. One catch in the implementation of succession planning is often the tabooing of the problem. Only a few companies deal with the matter openly and in good time.


External consultants...

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