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Economy And Finance In The New German Coalition
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After four months of political deadlock, Germany's main political parties finally agreed to form a coalition government, after the inconclusive elections that were held in September last year. Despite the breakthrough, there were no sound cheers to the country's economy and finance. Germany's industry and finance experts argue that the deal agreed by the country's main political parties are much worse than initially expected as they do not make the economy fit in years to come.


Why are economists and industry experts worried?

In the deal agreed by CDU/CSU and SPD, a...

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London’s Proposed Plan for Financial Services Post-Brexit Rejected by EU
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The City of London has suffered another blow to its post-Brexit arrangements as the EU rejected its proposal of a trade deal for the financial services industry. Britain’s looming exit from the bloc in 2019 has London financiers working to retain the relationship that the capital has with the rest of Europe. In the proposal to the EU, the City of London laid out a plan of letting Britain conduct cross-border trade as long as both parties would stick to international standards. 


No Agreement

However, officials from the Commission did not accept the proposal, which...

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World Economic Forum In Davos: Key Takeaway
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This year's World Economic Forum in Davos attracted over 70 heads of states and around 3,000 participants. President Donald Trump was a surprise participant having missed the 2017 event. Here are some of the issues that were discussed:


World Economy Outlook

With regard to the world economy, the president of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, is optimistic that it will continue to witness positive growth. She does not foresee a major financial crisis as long as there is no major political crisis. However, she warns of resting too much on achievements and calls for...

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