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Introduction of New Bank Fees in Germany
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The finance website biallo.de currently reported that many banks across Germany are now charging a certain fee upon each withdrawal. For instance, many branches of Sparkasse banks are now charging up to 0.50 Euro to their own customers on every withdrawal. The website further reported that 40 of the over 400 companies in the Sparkasse network are now charging the fee for withdrawal.

In Erding town, customers now withdraw money twice a month before they pay a withdrawal fee of 0.29 Euros, while the ATM users withdraw four times a month before the charges are imposed on them. The fee is...

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Team Mercedes-Bosch robo-taxis to take poll position?
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It started with Google's self-driving car. Although nothing much came of the concept at the time, it drew closer the gap between science fiction and reality. While there may not be self-driving cars frequenting our towns and cities in 2017, the technology to bring them to the roads is ready to go. After all, commercial jets can fly themselves. 

A new generation of computers and robots are transforming industries globally. And the way we go about our lives includes more digital devices. Modern cars already rely on complex computer systems, but rather than their human drivers having...

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Gearing up for the Financial Bloodbath
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For 30 years, the market trend has been the same. It is only recently that the interest rates have risen, and this, as predicted by some, could mean trouble.

The 1970s inflation was a huge battle for everyone, but after this was fixed, bonds have adapted a somewhat stable return policy. This caught the interest of many investors. Recently, however, bonds have been caught in the middle of what could easily be a worldwide financial storm. This frenzy has received two kinds of responses. First, investors ran out of the unsafe ventures and poured all their assets into the German government...

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Europe restructures and the UK rejoins. Could it happen?
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Could the EU possibly reform and restructure itself to the point where Britain would vote to rejoin? The idea isn’t as far-fetched as it may currently sound, and was discussed in the Financial Times recently. 

Most people would agree that the EU currently has some serious problems. Monetary union is not working well, immigration and freedom of movement policies are muddled and ineffective and the UK is about to leave. 

Add to that Poland’s decision to veto a resolution as a protest against Donald Tusk, and a vociferous chorus in France and Italy calling for an exit...

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European Bank ponders four-year inflation high
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In Europe, inflation reached a four-year high point of 2.0 percent during the second month of this year, a statistic that will have focused the thoughts of senior figures within the European Central Bank (ECB). Consumer price inflation indices in the nineteen Euro member countries rose by an average of two percent in the twelve months to the end of February, itself an upward trend from the January figure of 1.8 percent. Additionally, producer or manufacturing price inflation was considerably higher at some 3.5 percent, compared to only 1.6 percent the previous month. 

These factors...

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Post-Brexit Tariffs Could Seriously Impact Jobs
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According to, Hanno Kirner, the executive director at Jaguar Land Rover, the post-Brexit tariffs imposed on the UK could seriously harm its Car industry in the event steps are not taken to ensure that the free trade deal with the rest of the EU is concluded. This stark warning was issued during an event meant to bring together Government and Industry players in the UK. Mr. Kirner's concerns echo those of many in the UK industry who fear that the current state of affairs could result in many jobs going abroad once the single market isn't accessible anymore.

Kirner also warned that...

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Inside Story
Toshiba Hits More Financial Woes
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The Japanese giant Toshiba, which was once valued as worth more than Apple Inc., has announced further financial problems following its much-vaunted accounting scandal of a couple of years ago. The business announced in February 2017 that its shareholder equity would drop to about minus $1.3 billion within the current financial year. The already poor financial situation for Toshiba has worsened due to a goodwill write down of its nuclear power wing. This accounting step alone is reported to be worth a stunning $6.3 billion, an eye watering figure that would make a significant dent in even...

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Using Outdated Budgeting Tools to Reduce Expenditure
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Most companies are finding it hard to break even due to the ever increasing operation costs. Rising interest rates, wages and increased dollar value put companies under pressure because such factors make it difficult to generate enough revenue. These challenges have motivated business leaders to seek the council of budgeting tools developed in as late as the 1970s. Companies are now adopting the zero-based budgeting (ZBB) programs because they promise to raise savings levels by billions of dollars. Consulting experts indicate that the use of zero-based budgeting is poised to rise in 2017.


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The Impact of Immigration Quotas in Switzerland
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The line of difference between Switzerland and EU has been broadening every day since anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) voters compromised the free cross-border agreement movement in a 2014 plebiscite. The deadline is fast approaching and a vivid consensus has not been reached to solve the bilateral agreement conflict. 
However, Switzerland’s lower house (Zurich) of parliament has suggested that businessmen should be allowed to hire foreigners on free will to reduce the highly increasing unemployment, especially among citizens. But this has been referred to as...

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Oil Falls, OPEC Records Increase in Production
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New York recorded a drop in crude oil by 1.7% this is after it rose by 15% in the last four seasons. Bloomberg News survey found out that last month OPEC's production had been boosted to 34.16 million barrels daily. Russia now needs a non-OPEC oil producer to support it in its effort of reducing out. Russia has promised to cut 300, 000 barrels but OPEC is anticipating doubling the cut in every single day. 

Russia is not part of the OPEC block but is willing to help in bringing down the output. The trimming of OPEC’s output has seen oil topping at $50 a barrel. The block...

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