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Crowdfunding for Enterprises
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Crowdfunding for businesses has proved to be profitable various small and large companies. Big tech companies like IBM have realised the need to use crowdfunding for improved interaction and innovation. Companies exercise crowdfunding for three primary reasons: internal use, market research and external use.


Internal Use

IBM introduced crowdfunding in 2012 which was to be used internally by the over 350,000 employees globally. The aim of the project was to encourage innovations by employees, which are utilised for the benefit of the enterprise. The kind of crowdfunding used by...

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World Bank Growth Prognosis
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Economic growth plays an important role in contemporary life. As such, the world provides information on forecasts in the economic world. According to the World Bank, the growth of world economy is expected to improve to 2.7 percent this year. This is facilitated by improvements in trade and manufacturing and stabilisation of prices of commodities which has led to more exports.

As per World Bank's Global economic prospects dated June 2017, it is expected that advanced economies will grow by up to 1.9 percent this year. All thanks to favourable prices and funding situations...

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Possible European bank interest rate rise?
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Business decision makers and financiers are maintaining a keen eye on the probabilities of a movement in the headline negative ECB lending rate, as various financial products have direct links to it. 

Inflation lower than expected

In the Eurozone, inflation fell from 1.9 to 1.4 percent in May 2017 – one percentage point lower than the previous forecast – even though employment figures rose. In combination, these factors are thought likely to influence the ECB not to bring its programme of economic stimulus to an end soon despite the fact that earlier this...

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Integration of the eurozone countries
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Spain and France, among other member countries, are in strong pursuit to ensure the reformation of the eurozone. Spain forwarded a proposition to the European Commission suggesting the enhancement of economic integration through the euro. In connection to this, Spain proposes the implementation of the euro bonds and the completion of the banking union which is key in improving the governance of the eurozone. The motion further suggests the formation of an anti-crisis budget and the development of a common unemployment insurance scheme. Despite these suggestions, a report from the commission...

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Practical Advice
Contents of a Financial Business Plan
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A financial business plan outlines the financial estimates of a venture. It gives insight on the start-up and running costs of the firm. It can also reveal whether your business will be making profits or loss in the long run. It comprises of three main elements namely the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and the cash flow statement.


Essential statements in the financial section of a business plan

1. Balance Sheet – Statement of Financial Position

This statement shows the worth of business at a particular date usually the end of a financial year. It has three main...

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4 top skills CFOs must adopt in the digital age
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Digital revolution is now changing the way business organisations operate. Thanks to data technology, existing business models and services are quickly rendering. As a result, many top companies including automotive, telecommunication, and media are being reshaped in order to give rivals a competitive advantage. Here are some of the essential skills CFOs must have to stay ahead in the digital age:


CFOs must become analytics experts

A CFO should only spend 10 per cent of their time and efforts on transactional and the remaining 90 per cent on analytics. The more time they invest on...

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A brief overview of Germans' saving habits
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In the past twenty years, Germans’ spending and saving habits haven’t drastically changed, as the latest study carried out in Europe. It is clear that the majority of Germans still prefer risk-free investments and this trend is set to continue. While it is true that Germany is Europe’s biggest and richest economy, the percentage of homeowners in this country is just over 40 per cent. 


Germans are reluctant to buy homes

When comparing Germany’s home ownership data with the rest of EU, countries like Spain, Greece, and Italy make up around 80 per cent...

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Current Fintech Industry In Germany
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The European fintech industry has taken shape and is gradually maturing like in many other places across the world. Germany is one of those countries that have seen a growth in fintech, which is supported by the national financial regulator, BaFin. The industry reached $421 million in 2016 from $193 million in 2015, which is a 118% increase. Germany is also catching up to match the UK, which is among the best European fintech hubs as far as funding goes. In 2016, German fintech firms received more funding compared to those in the UK during both Q2 and Q3.


Brexit as a chance...

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Introduction of New Bank Fees in Germany
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The finance website biallo.de currently reported that many banks across Germany are now charging a certain fee upon each withdrawal. For instance, many branches of Sparkasse banks are now charging up to 0.50 Euro to their own customers on every withdrawal. The website further reported that 40 of the over 400 companies in the Sparkasse network are now charging the fee for withdrawal.

In Erding town, customers now withdraw money twice a month before they pay a withdrawal fee of 0.29 Euros, while the ATM users withdraw four times a month before the charges are imposed on them. The fee is...

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Team Mercedes-Bosch robo-taxis to take poll position?
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It started with Google's self-driving car. Although nothing much came of the concept at the time, it drew closer the gap between science fiction and reality. While there may not be self-driving cars frequenting our towns and cities in 2017, the technology to bring them to the roads is ready to go. After all, commercial jets can fly themselves. 

A new generation of computers and robots are transforming industries globally. And the way we go about our lives includes more digital devices. Modern cars already rely on complex computer systems, but rather than their human drivers having...

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