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Global Monetary Policy Power Play
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International trade is taking shape with two equally powerful nations engaging in commercial arm-twisting. One side features The US, the world’s commercial hub, and China, the world’s industrial hub. A commercial arrangement comes with the price of money while industrialisation brings the balance of payment. In this case, America’s marginal advantage is the market and currency compared to China’s commodities of trade. However, president Trump's extensive trade tariffs have awakened the Chinese dragon. It seems, that the country is preparing for a different...

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Revolutionising SMEs with Fintech
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A portmanteau of financial technology, fintechs have addressed the wholly inadequate financial services that have been available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Currently, the United Kingdom is the fastest growing fintech region in the world, with it bringing £20bn to the economy each year. 

The latest Scottish Pacific SME growth index shows that between 2014 and 2018, the proportion of SMEs using banks for funding dropped to just 24% from 38% with the amount turning to fintech instead rising to 22% from 11%. 


Why Should SMEs use Fintechs? 


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Rapid popularity in Mobile Banking Apps
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Mobile banking is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more people prefer using their mobile phones for most of their banking needs. Studies show that banking apps have provided a critical interaction channel between consumers and financial institutions. Most consumers now prefer using their banking apps over visiting a bank physically. Others have even replaced their physical wallets with their mobile banking app; which is more convenient than carrying cash around. 

Over the past year, banks have seen an increase in the number of consumers frequently using mobile...

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The Number of Women in Finance is Yet to Increase
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In recent years, there have been countless efforts made by some of the world’s largest financial organisations to recruit more women into the ranks. However, the numbers are still very low. And in some sectors, they are dropping quite significantly. Mutual fund companies are one example, in which the number of women has fallen to 10% in the last decade. In the banking sector, less than a quarter of those in senior positions are females. 


Influential Business Schools are Trying to Redress the Balance 

In the US, scholarships are aiming at female MBA participants. Tens...

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Continuous Accounting: Easing The Process
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The traditional accounting systems were not built for the modern economy, since it keeps changing and is always filled with risks. Therefore, it is vital for companies to examine their financial data to gain foresight on how they should make wise financial decisions in the future. The dated accounting process will make the periodic transactions problematic for the organization. This is because large sets of un-reconciled data eat on the productivity of the organization employees, particularly the accountants. Continuous accounting has its perks for any given organization....

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The Greece Economic Situation
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Greece's economy is catching up fast. According to figures published on Monday by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, its gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 0.8 percent. This is compared to the fourth quarter of 2017, when growth reached 0.2 percent. The Greek economy has clearly gained momentum, with its progress being twice as high as the average for countries in the Eurozone. In contrast to the first quarter of 2017, GDP growth was 2.3 percent. 

That's good news for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The latest growth figures fit into...

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The Relationship Between Corporate Loans and Credit Bureaus
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Corporate loans are the foundation upon which many businesses are built. The flow of money is what drives the business world and, in many cases, a corporate loan aids in the process. Basically, a corporate loan is a loan used by a business. They are most often used for financial investments to build the business and recently there has been a move by banks to rely less on credit bureaus before granting a loan.


Credit Reports and Retail Businesses

In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, many retail businesses experienced delinquencies in their loan payments, which resulted in lower...

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Things That Fintech Startups Can Learn As They Take the Banking Industry by Storm
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Fintech has been the centre of hype in the recent past with most of their focus being what traditional banks are doing wrong. This has been the reason why fintechs have continued to attract gigantic investment, with $31 billion being injected into the sector last year. However, the truth is that many banks are still doing many things the right way, and fintech startups can learn from them. Here are some areas where fintech’s prerequisites and banks’ expertise connect: 


Dealing proactively with the law 

Compliance with financial regulations can be...

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The Process of Factoring
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Factoring can be defined as the discounted selling of receivable accounts by the owner of the business to another party for the purpose of raising funds or to source capital. The third-party in the business transaction is the one termed as the factor. Factoring is among the oldest types of financing a business. It is used as a tool for cash management for several companies. It is widespread in some industries like the clothing sector and where the business cycle involves long receivables. Although it is considered an expensive method of financing, the method has still managed to become more...

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Practical Advice
Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Accounting Software For Any Company
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There is an abundance of accounting software on the market, and they are all different in their own way, just as every company is different. Some of their aspects will be essential to certain types of businesses, but the structure of each company also dictates the needs of the accountant and the business. The best way to approach selecting the right software is to think broadly and narrow down from there. 


Cost – Start Up and Continuing

First, it is essential to look at the cost of the software, not just the start up costs, but keep an eye on the costs for additional...

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