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Benefits of Paperless Expense Reports
Benefits of Paperless Expense Reports
Time icon 6 September 2018, 13:09 pm

More and more expense reporting processes in companies are going paperless. This could be to protect the environment from the effects of using papers, or because of the efficiency of the paperless expense reporting software. Either way, there are dozens of benefits in the long run. Employees may travel regularly to take care of companies businesses; therefore, a good expense management system will track and record all the employees’ expenses to ensure immediate reimbursement of the incurred expenses. 

The old fashioned expense reporting that involved attaching receipts and a lot of other paper work is now outdated and inefficient compared to today’s expense reporting software that is more efficient and organised. A good expense management platform is very important and efficient in keeping track of all the company expenses including expense reports for employees who travel regularly and may need reimbursement. There are various software that can be used to prepare expense reports. 


Benefits of Paperless Expense Reports 

  • Saves costs – An automated software for expense reporting could greatly minimize the cost on papers, printers, and the extra expenses on the employee who will be employed to reconcile the expense reports paperwork. 
  • Paperless is good for the environment.
  • Reduces errors – An automated system produces less errors than an expenses report that involves paperwork. 
  • Detect fraud – Any fraudulent activity can easily be detected by a good expense reporting software. It is easy to control and monitor all the company’s expenses and also detect any issues that may arise. Can help track every expense by employees, and organize the data for future reference. 
  • Employees can also input all the expenses from wherever they are. They do not need to arrive at the office to do submit any expenses. Financial managers can also view the expenses submitted in real-time.