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Post-Brexit Tariffs Could Seriously Impact Jobs
Post-Brexit Tariffs Could Seriously Impact Jobs
Time icon 3 March 2017, 10:41 am

According to, Hanno Kirner, the executive director at Jaguar Land Rover, the post-Brexit tariffs imposed on the UK could seriously harm its Car industry in the event steps are not taken to ensure that the free trade deal with the rest of the EU is concluded. This stark warning was issued during an event meant to bring together Government and Industry players in the UK. Mr. Kirner's concerns echo those of many in the UK industry who fear that the current state of affairs could result in many jobs going abroad once the single market isn't accessible anymore.

Kirner also warned that these new tariffs would not only result in a complication of integrated supply chains across the border, but also raise the cost as well. The end result of this turn of events would, in his words, "damage business and British jobs". The importance of Jaguar Land Rover is not to be underestimated. Jaguar Land Rover is the UK's biggest exporter to China. In addition to that feat, it has 42,000 employees and invests £3.5 Billion annually in Britain. In the event the trade deal isn't successful, car exports from the UK would have to contend with a tariff that that could rise up to 10% according to WTO rules.

This is especially significant given 57% of UK-made cars end up in the EU. In spite of all these foreseeable impediments, the UK car industry still did an impressive showcase at the Paris Motor Show. Cars showcased included the Aston Martin DB11 and the Toyota Auris. Mark Garnier, junior minister in Department of International Trade re-emphasized how vital zero-tariff access is to the industry. The car industry will have to make do with the increased hassle of transporting manufacturing components and employees across borders; problems they didn't have pre-Brexit.