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The Risk Landscape of Treasury – Are non-traditional Vendors the Solution?
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Technology is evolving at a bewildering speed. As a result, organizations face a tough feat of keeping up with a highly dynamic environment. It involves adopting the changes in technology as they plan or craft their development strategies. Consequently, treasury leaders also bear the brunt of rapid changes because they are key partners of these organizations. Since organizations transform at different levels, more specialized, flexible and scalable solutions are needed. This heaps pressure on traditional banking partners and vendors. They are looked upon by treasury professionals and in...

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FINANCE study: FinTechs and banks – stronger together?
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How have the many new FinTechs proven themselves in the market after the financial crisis and what is the relationship between established banks and the new financial technology companies? FINANCE magazine, in collaboration with ING Bank and CMS, a tax and legal consulting firm, has carried out a study on this subject – with the result that a change in thinking seems to be in the offing. 

Many of the new financial technologies were once introduced to the market with the basic idea and intention of renewing the financial sector. FinTechs can often offer customers more...

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Taboo: Company succession
Thumb company succession

According to Reinhard Mohn (1921-2009), who once led the medium-sized Bertelsmann company to the media group, "securing the succession is the greatest entrepreneurial achievement. Mohn's quote could be a summary of the "Financing Monitor 2019" study.

In cooperation with TU Darmstadt, Creditshelf surveyed 200 financial decision-makers from medium-sized companies in various industries. One catch in the implementation of succession planning is often the tabooing of the problem. Only a few companies deal with the matter openly and in good time.


External consultants...

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Pricing – necessity and challenge in business practice
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The industry is becoming smart, is constantly changing and pricing is gaining more and more more momentum for companies in addition to sales structure and advertising. Good pricing is becoming an important instrument for controlling pricing and is regarded as an important lever for determining the profitability of a company. How does pricing come about? Which solutions exist and how can pricing be optimized?


Pricing in companies 

Psychologists, philosophers, economists and even historians deal with the topic "price". Medium-size entrepreneurs ask themselves...

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Digitization in the finance department – these were the top 5 topics in accounting in 2018
Thumb digitalisierung accounting

Smart solutions, innovative business ideas and above all the possibilities of artificial intelligence have occupied finance departments and accounting managers in 2018. 

According to our DSP selfcampaign, "artificial intelligence" was the most sought-after term among accounting experts in 2018: 45 percent of all articles read dealt with this topic. The potential of artificial intelligence is obvious: With big data analyses and self-learning algorithms it is possible to analyse and assess the initial situation, the prospects of success and the medium-term development of...

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The Benefits of Financing 4.0
Thumb mittelstandsfinanzierung

Creditshelf, a Fintech in Germany, conducted the research titled 'Industrial SMEs ad Financing 4.0.' The research was done on 244 financial decision makers including board members and managing directors. The study was accompanied scientifically by Prof Dr Dirk Schiereck, Head of the Department of Corporate Finance at TU Darmstadt. The research established that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are more willing to provide real-time data to access credit.


The Findings

As SMEs become more and more open, almost all businesses can now lend an investment in this way. Companies...

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Practical Advise
The Best Tips for Selecting the Perfect Business Accounting Software
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Before technological advancement maintaining a business’s books required you to record figures in a paper ledger. But today, entrepreneurs use accounting software to predict sales, manage inventory and most importantly, to track the business’s revenue. There are so many types of accounting software available and choosing the right one for your business can be difficult.


Accounting Software Options 

There are different software options available for both small and mid-sized companies such as: 

  • QuickBooks 
  • MYOB
  • Cashflow Manager 
  • Saasu 
  • ...

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Practical Advice
Saving smart on tax bills 
Thumb steuernsparen

In any business, one thing is common – taxes. Whether you are running a big firm or a small company, you must pay taxes to the government. Being aware of the taxes to pay is essential as any mistakes can turn out to be costly. 
Taxes are unavoidable. Therefore, as a business minded person, you need to plan and figure out ways in which you can reduce the income that is redirected to paying your tax 


Ways to minimise tax bills 

Let us look at some fundamental legal ways you can use to reduce the tax paid. 

  1. The increment of Employees' benefit: ...

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The significance of Net Cash Flow and How It Operates 
Thumb nettocashflow

Net cash flow is the difference between an organisation’s cash outflows and inflows within a given time. In other words, net cash flow means the adjustment in the firm’s money balance as documented on its monetary statement. 


Why It Is Important 

Net cash flow assists organisations to reduce debts, pay dividends, purchase back stock, expand or create new products. It is the driving force that enables organisations to carry out their everyday business. For this reason, a significant amount of individuals treasure net cash flow instead of other measures of...

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Why You Should Use Cloud Accounting Software
Thumb cloudaccounting

Both small and large businesses have increasingly been shifting to the cloud accounting software to help in the management of their accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and VAT. Cloud computing is becoming popular since it streamlines processes for both customers and vendors. Using this technology in your business has both advantages and disadvantages. Before looking at its pros and cons, it is essential to know what it is and how it works. Cloud computing allows individuals to access data and software through the internet instead of accessing them on their remote machines. 

In the past few...

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